You are what you eat – Obesity

While surfing online (and don’t ask me how I got there) I stumbled across a very impressive and disturbing documentary on obesity.

We all know that we are fat. And I am not talking about you or me as an individual. I am talking about us as a people. We – are – fat! Go out into the street and count the people you see and then count how many of them already look obese.

The documentary was published by the UCTV  – the University of California TV – so one can assume, that what the people are saying there is based on knowledge and not assumptions.
Although the video is mostly talking about America and is giving statistics about the American population, you can easily draw conclusions about Europe as well.

Even if you only watch the first part of the video (about 12 minutes) what you thought about food will change. Watch it – and then look at what ends up on your table everyday and think again if you want to skip the gym for a burger.

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