Without worries into fall

The last week was a crazy rush. My boyfriend’s brother came to visit with his wife (some of you remember, that we have been to their wedding earlier this year) and of course we wanted to do as many exciting things with them as possible. The best thing for me was our little trip to Potsdam on Friday.

Blogger Potsdam station

When you are in Berlin please promise me to take at least one day to go to Potsdam. I have been to Potsdam before with my family when I was a child. I honestly don’t remember much, except what I can somehow recall by looking at old pictures. But I do remember being at Palace Sanssouci (Schloss Sanssouci).

The palace itself is surrounded by a huge park – almost 300 ha and various other palaces and historical buildings. We arrived there a little before lunchtime (for travel information see the end of this post) and had to kill some time before our entrance time for the palace.
I love fall. But I actually prefer the word autumn. To me this word paints pictures in my head of yellow and red and orange leaves on trees, of smiling faces with red noses and cheeks, tucked between beanie and scarf – of chestnuts, beechnuts and punch. So for now it is autumn.

Yonatan & Tamar Park Sanssouci


Yonatan & Tamar Park Sanssouci 2

Strolling around the park was beautiful. It was journey back into my childhood. I suddenly remembered countless walks in the forest with the whole family in fall. Usually those trips ended with some tea or hot chocolate and cake in some café or with a nice warm soup at home. Being at this place that brought back so many memories with people that are so beautiful (yes Tamar, I am talking about you) and so dear to me, kept me happy and warm although it really was freezing. Also it also gave me the perfect opportunity to shoot some great colorful autumn pictures.

Tamar Park Sanssouci

Yonatan, my friend, you are a lucky man!

Ariel Park Sanssouci 2

Damn, I am also quite lucky! Must be the beanie…

Orangery Palace Park Sanssouci

Our first stop was the Orangery Palace. It was actually the last building in the park that was build (1851-1864) and former king Frederick William IV of Prussia (Friedrich Wilhelm von Preussen) died before it was completed. His younger brother & successor William I (Wilhelm I) finished the building – and by the way became Germanies first Kaiser (emperor). The palace was used as plant hall and to display the collection of copies of pictures by Raphael. William I had almost everything cultivated in the Palace: lemons, oranges, agaves and also cherries – supposingly his favourite fruit. I like the color of the stone and how symmetrical everything is. Time for more posing…

Blogger and Ariel Orangery Palace Berlin Potsdam b

Time to show off with my new coat – a catch from the Mauerpark fleamarket. Oh and look who snug into our middle…

Blogger and Ariel Orangery Palace Berlin Potsdam 2b

You can go up on the towers of the Orangery Palace, from where you have an incredible view. Not far – but look at the colors and the mist hanging in the trees.

Park Sanssouci Potsdam in Fall Autumn

Did I mention that I love autumn?

One of my favourite pictures though, is the one I shot of the two brothers. Also this is fall to me. Grey skies, peace and silence.

Ariel & Yonatan Orangery Palace Park Sanssouci

After the tower we went inside for a tour. Please excuse the lack of pictures from inside the buildings in this post. To get a permission to take pictures inside, you are charged a fee of three Euro – which I simply did not agree to pay. But if you google around a little bit you will find many, many pictures that will give you a good impression – and hopefully convince you to go there yourself. In the Orangery Palace I loved the Raphael Hall:

This room was from the beginning on open to the public. All you needed to get in there was a ticket – and felt slippers do not ruin the floor.

After the tour inside the first palace, we moved on to the next one. The main one. Palace Sanssouci.

Palace Sanssouci Park Sanssouci Potsdam

Again – no pictures from the inside but this blog has a variety of them so just sneek over there. Also – for the German speaking readers – you should watch this little video. Many pictures plus interesting information about the man who is responsible for the popularity of the potatoe in Germany.

Palace Sanssouci Potsdam

Sans souci – without worries. Reminds a little bit of Bob Marley, no? Well, actually this thought is not that far fetched. The Palace Sanssouci was a Summer Palace – and a maison de plaisance. Although his architect wanted to add another floor to it, the builder Frederick the Great (or the old Fritz as he was called later) insisted to stay modest. And if you ask me this was a perfect decision.

Palace Sanssouci Park Sanssouci Potsdam Berlin It is a beauty, no?

We took some more happy pictures…

Ariel & Yonatan Palace Sanssouci Yonatan & Tamar Palace Sanssouci

…continued to walk around in the park a little more for autumn pictures,..

Tamar Park Sanssouci Fall

…and ate beechnuts!

beechnuts palace sanssouci

I honestly can not remember when the last time was, that I collected and ate beechnuts. However, I do remember having a beech in the outside playground in kindergarden. Every year in fall all kids came home with dark fingernails, dirty faces and hands full of beechnuts. I loved this!

It was a wonderful day! We ended it with a stroll through the little shopping streets of Potsdam and loads of sweet cake.

To be repeated soon!

– MM.


Travel Details – Sanssouci

Get there:
From Berlin there are various connections with S-Bahn and Regional Trains to Potsdam Hbf. From there a bus is going straight to the palace. Check the BVG app or the DB Navigator app for the best connection. Ticket for the train should include all three zones (AB and C) – in case you have a daily or 7-days ticket just get an extra “Anschlussfahrschein” (‘connecting ticket’) for 1,60€ per ride. If you are still clueless: At every major train stop in Berlin is some Information Point to ask for help.

Get in:
There are tickets only for the palace sanssouci (12€ adults, 8€ students & other foot soldiers) but if you are coming from Berlin with a ticket for all three zones (ABC) you can get a discount on the sanssouci+ ticket – a daily ticket that allows you to enter all castles and buildings the same day (15,20€ / 11,20€). The park itself is free of charge.

Get there early & plan some time! Tickets for the main palace are sold out quickly and there is A LOT to see and also the inner city of Potsdam is worth a stroll.

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