Wedding my dear!

I guess I have to start with a big SORRY!

I haven’t written since last week and there is so FUCKING much that is happening that I want to share with you that I am gonna have to spam this post with tons of pictures.

Let’s start right away!

on the road

Our weekend started friday with a drive to my parents place. From there the whole family (5 people in a VW Passat) went on a 6 hour drive down south to Saarlouis, right at the border to France – with me sitting in the middle seat in the back with back ache – fun, fun, fun.

After a quick shower and jumping into the clothes we were already rushing off to the wedding of my oldest cousin.

The place where they got married was simply incredibly:

Interior Design chabby chic


Interior Design chabby chic


Interior Design wedding

It was a huge farmyard including a romantic hotel, a beer garden, a restaurant, a riding school and even a falconry.

So after the actual wedding (since there was no religious wedding it took about 20 minutes) we all walked together to the beer garden.

My cousin had a wonderful dress. usually I am not easily excited by wedding dresses (very picky!) but this one I really liked!

Auf dem Weg zur Trauung

The upper part was high-necked and made from lace, the rest silky flowing down to the floor. Beautiful. 

Nach der Trauung

After some drinks we startet with cake and coffee. I would call it quite a small group of wedding guests but considering the size of my family (three aunts + uncles, three cousins – thats it) I guess it was not all that small. Good thing was, that we could all have two slices of the twin-storey wedding cake. And it really was a fancy cake! Just look at this purple pattern!

Until after I couldn’t figure out what it was made from – but it looked great!

Wedding Cake Hochzeitstorte

Afterwards the usual “let the heart shaped balloon fly”-thing took place. Most of the balloons went into the neighboring trees or didn’t even manage to rise. But that made it just a lot more fun.​

Me on the wedding with baloon

Oh and in case you are wondering what I was wearing: A blue dress with polka dots by comma. And yes, in the picture it looks black but its actually blue. You can find it here. With it I was wearing a white shiny hairband and the black peeptoes and my new gold clutch, that I talked about here

Eule mit Trainer

The programm really was packed. After cake and coffee we got a little introduction into the falconry and the birds they are working with there. Besides falcons (obviously) they are also training owls. OWLS! How cool is that?

One of my favourite animals and simply gorgeous!

Of course – as someone interested in animal rights and well being I am not that fond of seeing wild birds or animals in general being kept for the purpose of entertainment.

On the other hand I got the chance to pet an owl… (yes, I know, I know…)

Der Salat des Hochzeitsmenüs

Okay, after talking about birds that got dead chicklets as food (first the head off, then the … okay I’ll leave it ) we can continue with the food that we got.

The menue was set for everyone, just me, one of my aunts and the bride herself got the veggie menue. The salad with really good garlic bread was followed by a tomatoe essence. Before this evening I had now idea that a tomatoe soup can be called “essence” and look like this:


But it actually tasted like tomato and the dumplings also were quite good.

The veggie part of the menue then constited of green asparagus with tagliatelle, mushroom cream sauce and – here it comes – soja meat loaf. Yes, indeed and guess what: It was fucking great!

Even my brother, that is usually very picky when it comes to food stole some from my plate.

Die vegane Hauptspeise der Hochzeit


Früchte und Kuchen zum Desert

When it was time for desert I was already stuffed! However I had to try the tiramisu and the fruit salad.

Since I had back pain since the day before I was not that eager to dance and after getting up early I got tired quickly. All in all not perfect conditions for a crazy dancing party. After arriving at the wedding at 3, we got back to the hotel at around 1 at night – after ten (!) hours of wedding.

Sonne die durch Vorhänge scheint

Waking up in the morning was not as nice as it looks on the picture. Of course, waking up in a hotel alsways has something special – even if it is 6:30 in the morning.

What I love about hotels as well is the breakfast. Especially when it has a tea selection like this one had.

Teeauswahl im Hotel


Frühstück im Hotel

Being all fresh and prepared we got on the road – or more on the rails.

We arrived at Frankfurt Airport after about four hours ride, just in time to stand in line for check in.

And here comes the solution of the lottery: Yes, tadaaaa we went to Tel Aviv.

And since I promised that I will randomly pick a winner from all the right answers  – Vanessa, you are the lucky winner of a custom made T’n’Muffins canvas bag.

I’ll contact you via facebook as soon as we are back in Germany! 🙂

     – MM.

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