Valentines Day Odyssey

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14th of February, Valentines Day. The day every owner of a flower shop or a chocolate factory is looking forward to all year long. The day many men fear and most single girls hate the most. The day that kissing and making out in the streets is common ground – just like getting drunk at home alone, binge watching Gossip Girl or Sex and the City.

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This year I decided to take my man out. Since Israeli Valentines Day is on a different date, I took it on me to actually this year go with the tradition and take him out for a nice dinner that would make him happy. Of course roles were not reversed completely: I still got a nice big bouquet of roses. Not red (too cheesy), not yellow (urgh!) and also not pink (duh!) – mine are orange.

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Back to topic: Since I know my man loves burger (and I mean loves in the sense of ‘being addicted to’) I made reservations at Jacob’s Bar and Restaurant in Charlottenburg. After reading about them on ‘mit Vergnügen’ (find the review here) I was convinced it would be the perfect place for us.

1. It is an Israeli / Mediterranean restaurant
2. they have Burgers
3. they have humus.

Especially my Israeli friends know, that when I hear ‘humus’ a big red light goes on in my head and all I can think is “wantwantwant”. Combined with anything from sweet potatoes it becomes a pure heaven to me. So I made reservations from their website for 8 o’clock.

All the way to the restaurant I was teasing my boyfriend about him not knowing where we are going, giggling and jumping around – I must have been a pain in the ass to sit next to…
As we reached the place I was accordingly excited – and so was he, after seeing Hebrew writing on the window. We entered the restaurant (that not only looked surprisingly dark but also seemed considerably empty), unzipped our coats and were greeted by the bar man with the words: “We don’t have a kitchen anymore, in case you wanted to eat something”.


“We don’t serve food anymore for one week now already.”

I MADE FUCKING RESERVATIONS! It is Valentines Day, 8 o’clock in the evening, we are starving and you don’t even consider contacting me to let me know there won’t be any FOOD???

I am quite sure the place is wonderful, the staff friendly, the drinks great. But this is really something that can not happen. The website throwing the whole wonderful menue right in your face – and no word about no food. My mood was done.

After some clueless wandering around looking for alternatives, we decided to try a different option in Neukölln that was on my To Do list for a while already. My boyfriend carefully asked me if I would not maybe like to call there first to see if they have a free table for us. In pure defiance and because I did not want to take another slap in the face in that specific moment, I refused.

A mistake. Another 20-30 minutes in various underground lines and a walk of about 10 minutes in the freezing cold of the Berlin winter later, we arrived at Dr To’s. I also read a nice review about them a while back (same website, click here) and wanted to check them out for quite a while now. We entered into a buzzing little place that seemed completely overcrowded. Of course – Saturday evening, Valentines Day. The waitress greeted us with a smile and the questions if we made reservations. After a few taps on the reservation system we knew for a fact: No chance for the next hour at least.

I will keep all descriptions about my mood to myself now and just tell you so much: We endet up in the best Vietnamese Spot in all of Berlin and I am not gonna tell you where that is because there will be a review about it at some point.

So what did I learn from this? First of all: I now officially have a reason to not like Valentines Day. Also: Going out on a saturday evening to a somewhat good restaurant is not recommended without reservations. And last but not least: I love my humus all year long and will find a good one in another place – no need to pin it on Valentines Day.

– MM.

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