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Good news everybody: I finished my BA paper. And to celebrate this (and to see some other place than our beloved grey and rainy Berlin) we decided to spend a few days in Prague.

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and is also called the ‘Golden City’. Slavic settlement in the area started in the 6th century and in the 1230’s the biggest village became a city – which is today the old city of Prague. Also interesting to know is, that the Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world with more than 700 rooms. The city was also place for the first University in Middle and Eastern Europe, which was founded in 1348. And most importantly: Prague is only about 4 hours ride from Berlin. Our choice of transportation was therefore almost obvious:

hitch hiking from Berlin to prague

For the first part of the jorney we found a ride within 5 minutes. A young father going with his son took us to a gas station right next to the highway just next to Dresden. Of course I informed myself online in advance, so I knew this place would be a good stop to get a ride to Prague. Only advantage: We had to get to the other side of the highway, which included a 20 minutes walk across the field.

blogger hitch hiking berlin dresden prague praha 2 blogger hitch hiking berlin dresden prague praha 3

Still being in a good mood we tried to get a further ride. And then it got dark. And cold. And late. End of story: The only ride we found was with a guy from Belarus, that took us even further in the wrong direction: “Dresden? I go to Dresden. I go to neighbor Dresden!” later: “I go to Wroclaw, neighbor of Dresden”. (Hint: Wroclaw, in German ‘Breslau’, is about 270km east of Dresden, while we needed to go south.)

End of the day: We tried for about two hours to get a ride from the tiny parking lot where he dropped us – without any success. Lacking any other solution we walked along the highway to the next exit and found a tiny guest house in an even tinier village called Ohorn (2340 inhabitants – plus two guests for the night). Just to give you an impression:

blogger dresden guest house ohornIn the morning the bakery across the street was THE major attraction – and apparently also the only attraction in the village. The next morning however we had a wonderful breakfast and a very nice and warm conversation with the lady of the house, who later even had her husband drop us at the next train stop. Off we went to Dresden from where we finally took the bus to Prague.

Although arriving in Prague one day late, we decided to first warm up and went for cake and a tea.

prag praha prague apple strudel

We had one nice warm Apfelstrudel (apple strudel) and the propably heaviest nutella chocolate cake you could imagine.

prag praha prague chocolate cake

prag praha prague chocolate cake 2

It was a good cake, you could actually taste the typical nutella flavour – but the top layer was simply too thick for us to handle.

To not loose to much of the daylight, we decided to go straight on the sightseeing adventure, starting with the Old Town Square and its Old Town Hall and the astronomical clock.

blogger prague praha prag old town hall

You can get an idea already at this point of how beautiful and old and beautifully old the city presents itself.

blogger prague praha prag astronomical clock 1

Here the astronomical clock – one of the most popular sights of the city (what the guy is doing there – I have no idea!). About the astronomical clock, let me quote wikipedia (Don’t call me lazy! I am saving you the way!): “The clock was first installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still working.”

That calls for a ‘we are tourists in Prague and impressed by this old clock”-selfie.

blogger prague praha prag astronomical clock

After changing a few Euros into Czech Crowns (1€ = about 27,20 CZK) we of course also visited the place from the inside.

prag praha prague town hall

prague praha prag new town hallBeautiful paitings and the crest of Prague. Later that day we learned from our couchsurfing host, that the Czech lion (‘Český lev’) needs three things: a double tail – check, a crown – check , and .. well… a dick – czech!

Back to the town hall and the tower: Very comfortable also, that they have a lift and a long ramp instead of stairs so you can climb the tower easily. And you should. Because you get rewarded with a hell of a view:

blogger view over prague prag praha old town hall 2

blogger view over prague prag praha old town hall 1

view over prague praha prag prahadise What you see in the distance is the Prague Castle with the St. Vitus Dome at its center. We reached the top of the tower exactly at the right moment…

Simply beautiful. Time for an unintentional ‘non-selfie’ with the castle:blogger prague praha prag old town hall 2I think this moment was the time when the city won my heart. I know this sounds cheesy but I started to love the city. The old buildings, the medival atmosphere, the more or less friendly people (“Wanna buy drugs?” – random person on the street) and the countryside.

prague praha prag tyn church

The church of our Lady before Tyn (or just ‘Tyn Church’) was extra beautiful – unfortunately we were to late to visit it. We ended the day with a bowl of Kyselo – a traditional czech soup and a beer with our couchsurfing host Pavel (a big thank you again for hosting us).

Feel free to follow our adventures in Prague – or ‘Prahadise’ in the posts to come.

– MM.

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