Travel adventures – Prague Castle

As promised in my last post on Prague I will now take you for a little tour through the Prague Castle complex.

St Vitus Cathedral Prag (2)

The most noticable building in the castle is the St. Vitus Cathedral. The cathedral is the biggest in the country and was founded in its current form on 1344. It contains the tombs of many bohemian kings and emperors and it is so big, that being around it there is no angle that would make it fit into the picture from top to bottom.

St Vitus Cathedral Prag

See what I mean? On the inside it worked a little better. But still: Either ceiling or floor!

inside St Vitus Cathedral Prag

I am a sucker for big old churches, but I have to say, that this trip made me realize, that gothic architecture is not my kind of style. BUT I have to admit, that the glass windows of the St. Vitus Cathedral took my breath away.

colored glas windows st vitus cathedral

Isn’t this beautiful? And look at all those details. How long it must have taken to complete these huge windows.

colored glas windows church prag

Also the colors are simply insane. colored glas windows st vitus cathedral prague

On this one I specifically loved how detailed the faces of the people were. You can see every little wrinkle – on faces made from GLAS!

colored glas windows st vitus cathedral details

Or am I mistaken and these are just made from foil? However I have two more:

colored glas windows st vitus cathedral st wenceslausThis one I had to take for one of my best friends whos last name happens to be Wenzel (Fee, of course I thought of you!) and this one I had to include.

colored light reflection st vitus cathedral

Why? Because it showed us, that finally on this grey and cold day the sun came out!

After the St. Vitus Cathedral we continued our tour through the ballroom of the castle…

ballroom castle prague praha prag

… that made me suddenly all jittery wanting to take to the floor and shake a leg. Instead we explored all the various corners of the castle and found beautiful old books.


I don’t remember how old exactly they are, but I remember being mesmerized by those beautiful bindings. I want all of my books to look like this. Fun fact: These books actually were law books from ancient times so my boyfriend (being a lawyer and all) was eager to plan were to set up his office and his secretary’s table. We decided to go for the room with the best view.

view over prague from castle


I mean obviously, no? Who wouldn’t want to work with this view? Of course this was not where our adventures ended. We explored the castle a lot more and were incredibly exhausted after. So we threw over our plan for the day and went to have a good lunch instead. But more on this in the next post (Nyah, nyah!).

– MM.

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