Travel Adventures – Part II

I know it has been a while since I posted the first part of our incredibly exciting adventures on the way to Prague but you have to forgive me. My boyfriend was very sick and I had to take care of him night and day. I brought soup to his bed and cooled his forehead with a wet towel. And yes I am full of bad excuses like this.

Okay I was lazy – I admit – but my boyfriend really was sick. But now that we got this out of the way, let me break the awkward silence (that nobody cares about, since nobody is reading my blog anyways) with some more pictures from Prague.

We left our host’s place by tram – possibly a remnant from the communist past?

tram cable car prague

All that mattered to us was that it was warm inside. Our first stop was the Church of Our Lady before Tyn (or simply ‘Tyn Church’). I mentioned her on the previous post because we were to late to get in that day so we stopped by first thing in the morning. The church is located right on the old town square and dates back to the 14th century.

church of our lady before tyn prague

I have to admit: Not my favourite kind of church. Quite dark and a lot of black and gold.

church of our lady before tyn prague 2

The gothic architecture did impress me a lot more from the outside (for the impressive picture click here & scroll all the way to the bottom).

What did impress me however was the Charles Bridge. If you want to reach the Prague Castle coming from the old town, it is not only a little bit of a walk, but you also have to cross the Vltava (German: Moldau). The old city of Prague is located right in the bend of the river and until 1841 the famous Charles Bridge was the only way to cross it. This made Prague an important spot for trade routes between East and West Europe.

Charles Bridge cross Vltava (1)

Blogger Charles Bridge Prague

I know that I do not look too impressed – it was freezing and my nose was running non-stop at this point. I would also like to apologize for wearing the same coat, scarf and beanie throughout the entire trip. We travelled light and this was the result. So let’s rather look at something pretty.

charles bridge tower

Here you have the bridge tower on the side of the Old Town. A beautiful (and old) gothic building, dating back to 1380. Like every old building and tower you can also climb this one. We skipped it however in favor of a Charles Bridge selfie.

blogger charles bridge selfie

Along the bridge you find 30 statues. All of them old, many of them beautiful and one even with hebrew writing.

charles bridge prague statue hebrew

charles bridge prague statue blogger

It certainly had its advantages to see all those popular tourist attractions in the (so very off) off-season. But the weather really was not nice. Grey, cold… but still…

vltava moldau river prague charles bridge

The city and even the grey Vltava won my heart. Just look at this terribly sad and melancholic picture (yes, I am proud of it):

charles bridge vltava moldau

On the other side of the bridge we encountered this group – which really made me smile and forget about the weather (almost):

Street Jazz Prague

On the way up to the castle we saw many more old buildings and churches but decided to skip all of them. We did however stop in this little hole in the wall half way up the stairs. Because we had to. How could we not?

trdelnik food prague praha snack blogger

There was a very nice guy selling trdelník. Trdelník is a dish that originally comes from Slovakia. It is dough that is wrapped around wooden (in this case metal) sticks to be then backed over the open flame.

Trdelník prague praha food blogger

After it is usually coated in sugar and nuts – we had ours with sugar and cinnamon. It was delicious. Crunchy but soft and warm and cinnamon. You can always get me with cinnamon.

Fulled by this we climed the rest of the stairs to of course first of all enjoy the view over Prahadise…

vier over prague prag praha castle

… and second of all just on time for the changing of the guards. Completely by chance. If you ever plan a trip to the Prague Castle you should be there around 12 am. Because then you get to see this:

Ever since cutting this clip I can not get the song out of my head. I could not find out what song it is (and if it is even a song) so if you know anything please let me know!

Since this post is already way to long, I will not bore you any further, and keep the details of our tour through the castle (a huge complex and one of the biggest castles in the world with over 700 rooms), for the next post. And that one will come a lot sooner. I promise.

– MM.

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