The 5 best (and worst) things about summer

Today ladies and gents I will give you my top five reasons why (and why not) I am so happy that summer is finally starting. Without any further ado – here we go.

1. Outside (not inside)

outside skateboarding berlin

Summer in a nutshell means you can finally spent time outside. You can go for a picknick with friends, go skateboarding, inline skating, take walks in the park or sunbathe on the balcony. Having drinks is moved to the beer garden or the new fancy rooftop bar and even when having your chai latte with soya milk or the urgently needed black coffee after a night of studying, you will be sitting in the sun and / or the nice summer breeze.

Summer in a nutshell means, that there is no excuse anymore for spending your whole day inside in front of your laptop browsing through tumblr, facebook, pinterest, random fashion blogs and god knows what the dark circles around your eyes have seen during winter. You will not be able to hide yourself under the blanket and be lazy the whole day week, because suddenly all kinds of weird friends are reappearing and asking you to meet them for completely overpriced not-coffee-but-with-soja-milk-which-makes-it-the-same-category-as-coffee drinks or join a bunch of painfully handsome and skinny people for a picknick which is only about filling their instagram feed and not about beer or eating (or beer). 

2. Short clothes (pastel colors)

Finally it is time to bring the short colorful dresses that you hunted down on sale the last year, out of the closet. Your sunglasses are useful again and you will start to wait for the annoying tan lines on your shoulders, because they proof that you already got some color. Pastell colors are a trend again and will make you look beautiful and the light fabrics will keep you from getting to hot when strolling through the streets in the sun.

Warm comfy jogging pants – no. Hiding the unwashed hair under a beanie – no. Wide sweatshirts to hide the Döner/Pizza-filled belly under – nope. Make unshaved legs disappear under tights – no, no, no. You are screwed my dear (and yes, so am I). It is time to realize that society still makes you shave your legs (or what ever), that you are still hoping hot pants might one day look as cute on you as on everybody else (although everybody knows hot pants are a lie) and last but not least, that light summer dresses in pastel colors will help you to keep cool and prevent sweatting – instead of portraing every little drop of liquid your pores exude like they were on the cover of Forbes Magazine. 

3. Sandals & barefoot (Feet & street)

yes these are my feet, you pervert

I know that I might be one of the few people out there, but I actually like my feet. And I love walking barefoot – which in winter for obvious reasons is not possible. But now the time of sandals and feeling fresh grass and warm sand under my feet is finally back. We can again pick little daisys with out toes and color the nails like the rainbow.

You remember that one day in your childhood, that you decided to get on your bike without shoes on? And then your feet slipping from the pedals and the toes scraping the rough and boiling hot pavement? Or that other day trying to cross that gravel path your friends ran across so easily? Should I also go into detail about the torture those new cheap strap sandals will give your feet – scraping the skin off your heels while you are trying to look pretty?

4. Fruits (ice cream)

There is nothing better than sitting in the park and biting into a fresh and jucy peach. Or strawberry. Or watermelon. Or pineapple. Or having them as a smoothie with some sweet bananas. Or grapes. Or yellow plums. Or raspberries. Or kiwi… or oranges… Which also are a dream having them as a freshly squeezed juice with some mango slices at the side. Or the fresh coconut, that you can drink AND eat at the same time while you are looking over the blue ocean and wiggle your toes in the warm sand.

When you want to have ice cream you are forced to decide. If you go for the regulars (vanille, chocolate, strawberry) you are boring. Even if one of these is your favourite – you can have them everywhere and all year long. So you gonna have to decide if you prefer to get ‘cucumber-lemon-mint’ or ‘thyme-pickles-honey-yoghurt’. If you have decided finally, you will be so happy to have chosen the scoop in a cone until you ate about two bites of it. Then you will be stuck with the soaked, mushy leftover that you have to hold in your sticky hand, while looking for a trash can, a napkin and a way to ignore the stomach ache that will inevitably start to built up now. 

5. People (people)

There is something magic about summer. When the seasons change, it is getting warmer and sun stays up longer, people are finding back to their smiles and their happiness. Neighbors are suddenly greeting each other, strangers are starting to chat in the line waiting for the register and even office clerks suddenly can joke around with you. It alsways seems to me, that summer is bringing out the best in people.

Summer is bringing out a lot in people. But mostly out of people. Only one word: Sweat. And then a few more words: muggy, sticky weather – overcrowded trains – dirt of a few days without a shower on some of the passengers – and you in the middle of them. Squeezed between the business man with sweat running down his back, painting large-format sized pictures on the light blue button shirt and the little monster child who’s favourite activity it seems to be to kick and punch you while trying to escape its red-faced mother. 


Enjoy the summer!

– MM.

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