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I like coffee shops. I love the buzzing atmosphere and the smell of fresh coffee. So when I am in a coffee shop, spending my money on overpriced and hardly ever really good coffee (sorry Starbucks, sorry Balzac), I usually don’t even consider spending it on tea. Because as much as I love tea, I don’t see the point in paying 3 Euro on a cup with hot water and a tea bag, that all it does is usually color the water red / gold / brown /light green (choose one). So in short; To Go is only coffee for me.

This concept automatically extended to my privat life. In the rare occasions, that I would leave the house with a thermo mug (that is only when I had some extra boring time left in the morning), it would contain coffee. But then Christmas happened. And Shuyao stepped into my life.

shuyao teamaker teebecher orange

I read about the Shuyao mug on the blog of Lucie Marshall I like to peak into once in a while. Okay to be correct: It is not only a mug but a teamaker and a mug at the same time. And it is brilliant. In my last post I wrote about the different tea-items I got from my boyfriend – this was the glorious highlight!

shuyao teamaker teebecher

shuyao teamaker teebecher

Shuyao advertises with the idea of taking the mug with you and just refilling it throughout the day with hot water. For that purpose the company sells little plastic capsules with tea, which doesn’t turn bitter when you use it multiple times. In their online shop they offer more than 150 different flavours and kinds of tea.

shuyao tee tea

Mine came with the following impressive selection.

shuyao tea selection tee auswahl

So far so good – but nothing special about the mug.

shuyao teamaker teebecher

What makes the mug so special and why I just loved it from the beginning, is the lid.

shuyao teamaker lid deckel

shuyao teamaker sieb lid

A little blue detachable strainer is screwed to the bottom and keeps all the little pieces of tea where they belong. Big plus: If I had a dishwasher, I could put the whole mug including the lid just in there. The mug is indeed completely sealed when closed propperly and the mechanism to open and close won my heart: Simple, sturdy and it makes no sound whatsoever. No gurgeling sound when pouring the tea, no click-clack when opening or closing. Safe for any seminar or work place that there is.

shuyao teamaker lid deckel

While typing this post I am drinking on my third infusion of the first little capsule (tested no. 113, ginger apple) and I have to say that it works. Of course the flavour vanishes a little bit, but up to five infusions is not a promise but a chance. And the one flavour that I tried was honestly impressive. Sure, it is hard to do anything wrong when it comes to ginger but still… What can I say – I am in love!

Time for a refill.

– MM.

shuyao tea tee


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