Tea Time Big Time

Like one of my dear friends and reader of my Blog pointed out to me recently: “We got lazy on writing, didn’t we?”

As for my excuse I can say, that I did not get lazy on writing in general – rather the opposite: I am very actively working on my final paper for my Bachelor and on several other projects. But today I will give myself a break and do what I really love to do: I will tell you about my Christmas and all the wonderful new things I got.

I know it has been more than 2 weeks now since christmas but I am so happy about my gifts that I can not NOT share it with you. Because guess what I got…

new teas

 If you have a big question mark above your head now then think again. What is better than tea?

EXACTLY! Tea in tins!

Since I am sharing the flat with my boyfriend we do get into arguments once in a while about how to arrange certain areas of the rooms. One thing we got to discuss quite a lot was how my tea collection is looking not only messy but also gives the whole room a messy feeling.

Also me – I was not the happiest with the different shapes and colors of the bags and little boxes, let alone the annoying clips to keep the bags sealed. To finally end this misery, my boyfriend got me tea tins for christmas.

rituals tea tins

I have to admit, that I had my eyes on the tea tins from Rituals for quite a while now but I always hestiated, because I did not want to get them with the tea inside. My boyfriend finally found out that you can also get them without the label and the tea and got me four of these darlings as a gift.

rituals tea tins 2The black tins are supposed to contain a black tea with the name of ‘Earl’s Secret’. I found the smell rather boring but the floral pattern somehow always makes me think of a combination of a black velvet dress, white napkins and long shiny earrings (just like this pair from Olivier Laudus).

tea tin earl's secret rituals

Makes me want to make fancy dinner reservations right away…

The other design is meant to reflect the mosaic tiles in a hammam – at least the tea that usually comes with it is called Hammam Mint. Again I didn’t like the smell – green tea with mint can be nice but in this case all I smelled was dried grass.

tea tin hammam mint rituals

The tin I love however. Although I am afraid the detailled pattern will make me go crazy after a while.

From bad tea to good tea: Of course a gift of tea tins is not a good gift, if it is not accompanied by some real good tea. So my boyfriend thought. And he couldn’t have been more right.

dammann fréres green tea

Just like the front says: A (chinese) green tea. I only tried it once so far, because I am not all that much of a huge green tea fan, but I have to say I was impressed by the quality. Dammann Fréres is a french company, that is selling tea since 1692. In the beginning they were the only ones selling tea in France and today they are present in 62 countries worldwide.

And god to they sell beautiful tins…

Dammann Féres 12 green tea

Smooth, red and black and this delicate writing. So much beauty makes me dizzy…

Dammann Féres 12 tea tin

I think one of the less favourite tins came with this tea from Forgeron & Blanc.

Forgeron & Blanc Spicy Kiss

Who ever thinks of another french tea house now is wrong. Forgeron & Blanc are quite a new brand – and they are from Hamburg. I could not find out why it says 1879 on their logo but I loved it right away: It has elephants!

Also: I was blown away by the colors:

F&B spicy kiss tea

“Spicy Kiss” is the flavour that I got, which is a black tea flavoured with (among others) cinnamon, ginger, guarana seeds and chili. And man – the flavour makes up for the mediocre tin: it is a fucking good tea!

tea tin KaDeWe Rooibos Birne

Last but not least this precious found a new home on my kitchen cupboard. Of course after green and black a nice rooibos tea is the obvious choice. To all those critics out there: I know that rooibos is not actually a tea – but since it is labeled as a herb tea I will count it as just that.

I like the tin – it reminds me of the little wooden toy shop we had when I was little. If I am not mistaken we had a very similar box for coffee – only in small of course.

KaDeWe Rooibos Birne

The pear flavoured tea is actually better than I expected. Although it is not a known brand, but the KaDeWe house brand (link for all of you wondering what KaDeWe is), you can indeed distinguish that it is pear flavour.

Of course this was not all I got for christmas – but yes, this is one of the best gifts I ever got. So now the obvious question: Do you have a favourite tea? Do you even drink tea? If you feel like it let me know – if you don’t, at least have a tea and look at these pictures some more.

– MM.

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  1. A. says:

    I actually like the F&B one (plus, It’s a facebook tin 🙂 )
    Well written, thanks for sharing!

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