Tea lovin’

It is fall. Finally. Yes I admit it – I love the fall. Not only do I love the colored leaves on the trees that are falling to the floor more and more, or the fog hanging between the buildings in the mornings. Everybody loves that. What I love even more are two things:

1. Its time to get out wool, scarfs, beanies and boots.

2. Its time for tea.

About the first point I will soon tell you more in a separate post but the second one is so dear to me, that I have to give it to you now. GQ Magazine published a 12 page article about tea – funny enough you can find  it in the section ‘living as a man’… or just click the link here. I reviewed this article before on my old blog but I just simply don’t get tired of it. Call it addicted, but I like reading it over and over again. I especially love how they introduce tea as irresistible – I couldn’t agree any more!

Instagram tea

Tea is the worlds most popular drink. Yes. I guess they didn’t count water in – or did they? The best thing about tea is its versatileness. At least I believe so. It comes in simply countless flavours, countless variations of packaging and you can decide yourself, if you like your tee to calm you down or wake you up. Sounds like a drink from heaven – right?
If you don’t love tea by now I have the one thing that will once and for all end your tea-less live: It has exactly 0 (zero) calories.

Yes. Of course as long as you don’t mix it with anything that might have calories. And there are plenty things to mix it with: sugar, sweetener, honey, milk, lemon juice, cinnamon or include it in a smoothie. Oh yes. My on personal tea collection includes about 30 different flavours of tea.

But now don’t be mistaken – flavours does not mean I own 30 different kinds of tea. First of all herb teas and rooibos tea does actually not count as real tea – but I won’t be had hard on myself here. For the ‘real’ tea there are four things that decide about the flavour:

1. The plant itself.
Originally there were two different tea plants. Today we have more than 1000.

2. The area of cultivation.
Just like it is with wine, the same plant can taste completely different growing in a different area.

3. The time of harvest.
First Flush (so the first harvest) are also called spring tea and are picked between the end of February until mid-April. Second Flush is harvested from Mai until June and is considered the best tea. The fall teas picked after this time are called Autmnals and are consideres to be of less good quality.

4. The processing.
This is when the decision is made if a tea becomes black, green or even white tea.

Well now my favourites at the moment are three quite simple choices. Lets start with the teabag: My boyfriend decided to join me inmy tea addiction just recently and urged me to buy another kind of tea when we were in the supermarket. Now who would I be to refuse this offer?

Meßmer Tea of the Year

We picked the Meßmer ‘Stinging nettle – Mango’ – and I honestly have to say that I was surprised about the flavour. I am not always a big fan of herbal teas and also don’t like plain sweet and fruity teas but with the hint of the sweet mango in this tea, it definitely deserved to be chosen as tea of the year!

green tea vanilla 2

Also a supermarket pick, but actually one, that I really like, is this green tea with vanilla. Although I like green tea generally, many times bitterness sneeks in very easily, that ruins the whole experience. If you want to avoid this don’t use boiling water – 70-80°C is the best temperature for green tea. Also: Don’t stick to what might be written on the package! Some teas need less than 1 minute in the hot water to unfold their aroma. The maximum you should give a green tea are 2-3 minutes. Just take out the tea when the water color seems right.

indian chai tea

My overall best tea at the moment is this chai from India. A friend of mine brought it from a trip for me and I never opened it. But when I did not long ago, I realized what I had been missing the whole time. This, and only this, is the perfect tea! Forget about all those chai powders or syrups – have this tea, sweeten it a little bit with honey and add a drop of milk. You will never want to drink anything else!

So next time you are sitting on a Sunday morning (or afternoon for that matter), listening to Edith Piaf and James Bay and reading this blog – have a cuppa tea – or just a whole bowl full if you ask me.

– MM.

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