So quiet here…

Well, some good reasons for that.

Actually only one: My work.

It is crazy – the second I started working for the foundation my private life seemed to have endet. I did not have time to cook, to sleep, to talk to my boyfriend and leave alone the option of spending time with him – or writing my blog.

But now I am back (and I am better than ever … or something like that).

Fueled by a great gin cocktail (recipe will come someday soon) I decided to share our dinner with you – for the simple reason that you can not have any anymore because I ate it all, so I am on the safe side. But lets start with the food.

We have a good friend from Israel staying with us at the moment. And not only is he a very smart and funny guy and a quite successful scriptwriter (oh yes, I know people) but he also has quite some skills in the foodie-section. To my advantage he is also on a less-carbs trip, which means he automatically included a lot of veggies in his cooking. And some potatoes – but those where so good I happily forgave him.

But first things first. We emptied our last jar of tehina that we brought from Israel so we were eager not to waste it on something random. As logical consequence we made this:

Eggplant in tehina looking gorgeous

The food of my dreams: Super soft eggplant from the oven drowned in naughty lemonish tehina. God help me I want to take a bite of the screen.
Thanks to our friend I know now, that an eggplant like this is best made in the oven without having holes poked into the peel. The whole vegetable works as a pressure pot and gets really nice and smoothly soft on the inside.

baked potatoes and onion

These beauties came from the same oven. Also not treated before they were a heaven of melting salty butter after. And look at those flowery shapes… Who could resist a close up?

baked potatoes and onion 2

Or two…?

baked potatoes close up

As I said: No carbs – okay. But not eating these beauties – not okay!!

After staying in a friends holiday house for a few days mostly eating bread, our friend was transforming everything he could find in our kitchen into delicious and healty dishes. Here the obligatory, most colorful salad:

most colorful salad

Look at these colors… Just LOOK! How can anyone not like food that looks like this? (No, I do not discriminate against meat eaters or people that don’t like veggies. I only discriminate against those arguing that the vegetarian lifestyle is boring and has no ‘real food’ to offer.)

spinach with feta and olives

My personal favourite: The huge bag of baby spinach I originally bought for my smoothies was turned into a juicy bowl of soft, steaming leaves topped with feta cheese and black olives. Being the greedy person that I am I usually try to get the most cheese of all but in this case I wanted to lay myself down in a bed of spinach with olives. The feta was good in there but made it a little too salty after a few bites. But that is only me.

And because I just had breakfast and assume that you will be looking at this post somewhere between lunch and dinner time, I am giving you the mouth watering total:

table set

plate with food

And of course, since I don’t want to hold back the fact that our friend was cooking with the help of my boyfriend, while I was just sitting aside watching, here the heroes of the evening:

heroes of the evening

Thank you very much guys! These kind of guests I happily host.

– MM.

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