It hit me like a bullet in the back, like a train on a track.

And whoever finds out where this quote is from without google (yes, I know you) will get something.

So I am hooked. I am hooked on soft, flowing, colorful, sm-m-m-m-moothies. Yeah, baby, Yeah! (another quote there… who gets it, hu?)

These beauties for example – well, hello there…

little banana pineapple smoothies

Beautiful little pineapple-banana-fellas. Your beauty is making everything so blurry suddenly…

smoothie mango spinach

Woha, what is this? The evil spinach-mango-Master? Actually, very sweet and harmless this guy. Just looks a little scary and toxic at first. But as soon as you get to know him you will realize: smooth and harmless – and actually filled with goodies for you!

smoothie dreier kombi

Talking about goodies – look what tall, slim ladies are coming around the corner there. I see, spinach guy brought some company… Well this is a dishy one. Whats your name? Black berry banana? Let me look at you…

smoothie blackberry banana

What a color, uhh, girl, you drive me crazy!

Yes? Oh, cucumber apple? Excuse me? Sorry, but what could you possibly offer me?

smoothie gin 2

Dressed up with mint? Really? Oh, but what is this bottle in the backgr- … ohh, I see where this is going.

Naughty girl you are…

smoothie gin

Mingeling with the gin there, aren’t you? Well, filled with goodies – what can I say! I like ’em cold!

Ice, ice baby! (… an easy one, I know.)

– MM.

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