shit, no.

I know your facebook feed, your news websites and the radio (if you are one of the people that still listen to that) is already full of “Captain, my captain!” and RIP-posts. Still, how could I not? Robin Williams, hero of my childhood weekend evenings. Your movies are the one thing I remember when I think back. When I was younger I did not really understand why and how, but the name Robin Williams seemed to me like a quality guarantor. “Whats on TV tonight?” my mum would ask and my dad, sitting with the TV paper would flip a few pages and talk about movies that got high ratings. “The tip of the day is a good one”, he would answer. “Its with Robin Williams.” Usually the decision was made at that point. It took me a while until I realized, that Robbie Williams – who back then seemed like the most successful singer – had nothing to do with Robin Williams – the apparently most successful and best actor. Some things changed ever since then- most things didn’t. I still can not watch “Jumanji” with a smile on my face – because it creeped me out when I watched it first and it still does. And I still think of the food fight in “Hook” with a huge smile on my face and goosebumps on my arms. And lets not even start on “Good Will Hunting” and “Good morning Vietnam” and so on. But there is one movie that is the star on my Robin Williams memory sky: Mrs. Doubtfire. Robin Williams as Mrs Doubtfire   I couldn’t stop laughing and feeling with this character and the more I think about it the crazier the story of the movie appears to me. Simply great! Allow me a last, emotional comment: Robin Williams, great actor that happend to be talking exactly my kind of language – I will miss you!

– MM.Robin Williams memorial Mrs Doubtfire

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