Sea Dolphin – Dolphin Yam

I know that I am a very bad blogger. I did not post anything for soooo long and I opened the new categorie of Weekly Recipes and now I am not putting any … I am SORRY!

But I have in exchange something else – something yummy for you.

Ladies and Gents, girls and boys – the Sea Dolphin!

Restaurant Dolphin Yam Sea Dolphin Jerusalem I will spare you the pictures of the outside and the inside and just tell you, that the place is right of the light rail line a few steps from the pedestrian area. The name in hebrew is Dolphin Yam which translates to Sea Dolphin. But let’s get to the part that everyone is interested in: the food! Ariel and me went there a few times, simply because his brother is one of the owners of the place. But of course I am writing honestly and no, nobody payed me for this review and nobody told me to write one. I just want to share my experiences there. Salads at Dolphin Yam

When you sit down at the table a waiter comes up to you immediately and brings you a selection of little salads. Some of them are always the same but once in a while there are some variations. I really like the vegetables because (and I am trying to figure this out for a long time already) somehow they always are soft, full of flavour and combined with exactly the right spices and herbs.

Damn, just looking at the picture makes me hungry…

We also ordered a focaccia with it and some drinks.

Rosé wine Dolphin Yam

Although having the middle of the day I got convinced that it is never to early for a glas of wine. I had this wonderful new rosé (just ask the waiter for a recommendation – they know hebrew and english fluently) and Ariel had a beer that was so cold that even the glas froze a little bit. But now to my favourite: eggplant in tehina!

Eggplant in Tehina Dolphin Yam

Eggplant in Tehina Dolphin Yam

If you are ever in Israel this is the real shit you have to try. Don’t let anyone talk you into hummus and falafel (its like having McDonalds in the states – nice but you can have it everywhere). No, you HAVE HAVE HAVE to try the eggplant in tehina. GOD is this good. And of course I would advise you to try it at the Dolphin. Phew, these pictures make my knees all wobbly. Okay so: Eggplant, rostet over an open flame until the skin is burnt and the inside all soft and mush. Then peeled and drowned in a pool of tehina and olive oil, sprinkled with parsley and pine nuts. I could eat endlessly from this… Salad Dolphin Yam Jerusalem 2   Salad Dolphin Yam Jerusalem But then there is the main dish. Since I was not all that hungry after all those salads and bread, I chose the big green salad (cliche, I know). It comes with cheese sprinkled on top, nuts hidden under the leaves and the best salad dressing I can think of. Really so… Oh man I have to eat something… Fish Dolphin Yam Jerusalem   Chicken Nuggets Dolphin Yam Jerusalem   Chicken Nuggets Dolphin Yam

For fish and sea food lovers the dolphin is the best place to go in Israel. Whenever I am there I hope that someone around the table is ordering some fish (in this case Ariel’s sister did me the favor), just to see and smell those little pieces of heaven. And yes, this is a moment when it becomes really hard not to fall back into old eating habbits…

Another teaser is always the chicken nuggets. Golden, brownish, piled up next to a little bowl of ketchup … I have to get off this screen, my stomach is grumbling already…

My boyfriend is not eating a lot of meat but at the Sea Dolphin he spoils himself sometimes, cause we know about the quality of the food.

Black coffee dolphin yam

We finished the meal completly bloated with good food. So the only thing to do in this situation is black coffee. If you are into a little something to help your body digesting all these wonderful impressions, then ask the waiter for black coffee. In Israel black coffee means turkish coffee – not like in Europe where you get simply black filter coffee.

And this little dark handsome can do magic in your stomach!

Okay now I am off to put some food in my own stomach… I am a very weak food blogger…

Stay tuned, because there will be more posts coming – also about food and CUPCAKES!!


     – MM.

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