Rise up and shine

I admit: I am going to bed way to late lately.

What is too late for me, might be the rule for others (like for example for my boyfriend who usually stays up longer). But I actually need my 8 hours of sleep (yes, I hear the “sissy” calls).
But I found the perfect recipe for the morning to rise and shine:

HSK Trio, thats what the three guys on guitar, bass and drums call themselves. With the great mixture from Jazz and Funk they can kick you out of bed in a second. The title song “Rise Up” to their new same-named album lets the morning start a little easier. For me the perfect song to start into the day with (maybe because of the title?) and I listen to it in a loop every morning for a few days now.

I stumbled across the band in my facebook feed, because the guitar player is a former school mate of mine (yay, I know a successful musician!). It really is impressive to look at the way he went since school… So yes, if you like them just as much as I do then you can buy their album here give a listen to their album here.

And if you ask me: You should do that!

     – MM.

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