Recap 2016

I believe in the history of blogging (or history of ‘people sharing their experiences that nobody cares about online’) no blog has ever been as neglected as this one – while the owner still calls herself a ‚blogger‘.

I officially changed my title to freetime-blogger now, although I think even this is a blatant lie. In the last months (or years even?) Netflix and tea and the gym on occasions have taken over all the free time that I have. Some call it lazy, the more positive side of me calls it a shift in priorities.

However the time has come for me to share some memories – and pictures – of what has happened to me. Why now? Because I am writing my master thesis and litereally have no free time and the deadline is sitting on a rocket heading my way. So, the perfect time to write some blog post, don’t you think?

A little recap first.

I started my Masters 2015, found new friends, made new plans and set new goals. The whole programme. January 2016 I started a new job and moved from being a waitress in an amazing restaurant to being a content girl for an even more amazing startup here in Berlin.

I visited the European capital Brussels (if this an accepted title remains up for discussion)…

… which was an interesting experience.

I had the opportunity to be part in an exchange with Siberian students on the culture of rememberance. An incredible experience, since I always thought I was already well versed in Germany’s and Berlin’s history and its “Erinnerungskultur” – yet I learned that I actually only know very little. We spend one and a half very intense weeks with some very emotional insights and experiences.


culture of remembrance 1

culture of remembrance 2

In April my boyfriend and I visited Sczeczin (Stettin for the German speakers among you). It turned out to be a nice relaxed and cheap weekend and although the overall experience was worth the trip, a three-day trip is enough to get to know the city from a tourist point of view.

Only two weeks later I got on a plane to New York to work for the Permanent Representation of Germany at the United Nations. Ten weeks of my life, that would deserve more than just a single picture. So maybe a proper post will follow.

New York UN 1


New York UN 2

New York UN 3

Despite working long hours, I had a great time which was mostly thanks to the great colleagues I had and the smart people I was surrounded with. This experience changed me and will stay with me for the rest of my life.

The Summer hat followed was very relaxed. I worked a lot, finished a few papers and went on holiday with my family for a week and to Israel for another week.

Tel Aviv

I took a French class – that did not help with the lack of my skills at all – and got involved in the security policy student community on a summer conference.
With fall came the next highlight of the year for me: Hiking on Mallorca. I cannot tell what exactly it was but the hiking bug bit me.

Mallorca hiking 1

Mallorca hiking 2

Mallorca hiking 3

One week and hundreds of metres in altitude, various body parts burned and blisters patched up, I returned to grey and cold Berlin.
And dropped into a hole.

In my previous post I talked about it a little bit already. Winterblues is a thing and its nothing to joke about. I always considered myself a positive person, very social, very communicative and very optimistic. But when I had to the leave the sunshine and the physical activitiy on a daily basis behind, I crashed. i got into fights I didn’t want and said things I didn’t mean. I spent days in bed, crying for no / all the reasons.

I got over it eventually and luckily there was an exciting trip to Gothenburg that lifted my spirits in November. Am I by the way the only one that is reminded of “Gotham city” when hearing Gothenburg? Yes? Mh…

Gothenburg 1

Gothenburg 2

We visitied a friend of mine, who spent a semester abroad there and showed us around town. The bottom line of this trip is: Toblerone, cinnamon buns and lots of beer and cold weather.

The year ended with a bang in Neukölln. With lots of alcohol, good old and new friends, glitter and 90’s music.

New Years Eve Berlin

Now that was 2016 in a nutshell. What were your highlights? Did your 2016 really suck as badly as many claim it did?

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