Quick fall infusion

Winter is coming.

No actually winter is here – sorry to all the GoT-fans out there. But In combination with an early christmas gift to myself, I decided to bring back the fall just for a little while. And what is of course on the list of every food blogger in fall?
Right. Pumpkin.

pumpkin soup 1

Orange, jucy and just good through and through. For the recipe I used about half a pumpkin. Don’t even try to get one of the huge ones – you might end up eating a lantern.

The peel of most of the kinds of pumpkin is not edible so peel your pumpkin. Then scrape out the seeds and fibers from the core.

pumpkin soup 2

Same goes with in this case four small potatoes, two medium sized carrots and to add some freshness to the whole thing two small apples and a biiiig chunk of ginger. I love ginger but how much you are putting in there is absolutly up to you.

pumpkin soup 3

Chop everything into nice cubes. Then fry everything except for the potatoes in a big pot until the pumpkin is a little bit soft.

pumpkin soup 4

Add the potatoes and about 0,75 – 1 liter of soup stock. Leave to cook for about 20 minutes until everything is nice and soft. The time depends of course on the size of the cubes you cut and your stove and how hot you are.

pumpkin soup 5

And then there was my new baby. Are you ready?




bosch ergo mix pumpkin soupTadaaa! Yes.

Yes I am happy & celebrating that I got myself an immersion blender. Yes, it is so easy to make me happy.

I mean – just LOOK what stuff the blender came with. Isn’t that amazing?? No? Well – then don’t like it. But then don’t you dare to tell me your soup wasn’t smooth after this recipe – because a real GOOD blender handles this without any problems.

So next step: Blend away!

pumpkin soup 7

Add some salt some pepper, some curry and some muscat & if you like some (soya) cream. Done.

What? Fall came back? You don’t want to turn on the radiators quite yet and you feel like going for a walk in the forrest, kicking some leaves?

You’re welcome.

– MM.

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