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This is the day I am going to introduce a new category on my blog: TT – Tea Time. What is Tea Time? Well, this is the time when I have the weirdest thoughts, when I develope ideas and when I get to the bottom of things that are dancing around my head for a whie. So why today? Because today is my birthday (or was my birthday, depending on when you are reading this post).

So what did I do?
Well, lets start with yesterday, because everything always begins in the past – like in fairytales “Once upon a time…” and stuff. So on Saturday my dad came to visit. He took a train for almost three hours just to be there on the weekend of my birthday. Best dad in the world? Yes, I do think so.

We had coffee and cake at home and went out for dinner. Since we don’t know all that many places in Berlin yet we went to a place I read a good review about. It is an italian restaurant called ‘Nudo‘ and it adapted the more and more popular concept of “a menu a day”. In this case it didn’t keep the doctor away, because my dad was actually quite curious about that idea. We were served 4 courses and could choose between meet, fish and seafood – or the vegetarian menu. Obviously it was veggie for me and also for Ariel (he hates fish and seafood like only few things in this world) and the normal menu for my dad.

course 1 veggie

First of all I have to apologize: The only light at the table that we had came from a candle so I tried to arrange as good as possible but since I also forgot my camera and had to take pictures with my phone, the pictures were doomed from the beginning on…

duck salad

First course was a nice salad with every possible leave for me, and a duck breast salad for the non-veggies. Those were followed by some clams for my dad and a cheese plate for us. Nice, no doubt, but a second salad course…? Oh well…

course 2 veggie cheese


course 2 seafood

At this point we realized the love of the chef for leaves and eatable decoration. Which – usually I love green stuff and even more when it is healthy, but in this case I actually was starting to long for something more solid. I was hungry…

My dad got a nice big portion of pasta with venus clams – and we? We got black rice with some drops of pesto.

course 3 rice veggie black

If you look at the picture now, trying to see what there is to see – it was the same for us in real life. The rice was interestingly crunchy – apparently it was cooked and then baked in a certain kind of pot in the oven – and tasted quite good. Just the pesto didn’t taste like anything. And I am not exaggerating: Not salty, not spicy, not green, not brown – it didn’t have flavour. And the portion itself – well, we finished everything easily.

I stopped taking pictures for the last course but it didn’t change my overall opinion all that much. Nudo is a nice place with charming italian waiters and very good wine. The vegetarian menu was rather disappointing and the size of the portion a little below ‘elegantly small’. Too bad – because the quality of the food itself was great. They surely still have room to the top.

We continued further into Kreuzberg to have a little desert and to end the evening with a drink. Hugging and cheering around 12 and my dad went back off to his Hotel.
It was a very nice evening – and surprisingly long after all.

My birthday morning started with this:

birthday cake

Two and three candles – and a “Welcome to the age that is to high to put a candle for each year”. What can we do? We just ate the cake, went back to bed for a few minutes and then made our way to Kreuzberg.

Everyone who knows me, knows that to me breakfast is the best thing in the world. Cake for breakfast was of course the best thing that could have happened on my birthday, but what was even better was that in Markthalle IX – that is known for its good food – there was a breakfast market. A market only with and for breakfast. The gods seemed to have heard my prayers.

breakfast market berlin markthalle IX september blogger juice bar Our first stop was the juice bar to fuel up a little. Very good juices – sweet, fruity, fresh – but the prices were only acceptable with both eyes closed. Or maybe I am just spoiled by the cheap and good options I have when I am making smoothies at home for myself…

breakfast market berlin markthalle IX september blogger 2

Althought not everything really had anything to do with breakfast (pizza, ham, smoked fish) I could see the attempt to offer various kinds of breakfasts from all over the world.

breakfast market berlin markthalle IX september blogger

breakfast market berlin markthalle IX september blogger 3

breakfast market berlin markthalle IX september blogger suff

breakfast market berlin markthalle IX september blogger 4

The atmosphere was very nice. Chatting, smiling people everywhere and a lot of talks about good and bad food that I overheard. After all we stuck to this as a second breakfast:

breakfast market berlin markthalle IX september blogger breakfast

Very soft and sweet bun – for a price that we prolly also payed for the knowledge of eating a ‘good’ bun with. But really: I was hoping for a little more (muesli, omlettes, more pancakes etc.) and yes, I do think the prices were crazy, but all in all it was nice.

breakfast market berlin markthalle IX embrace day drinking

Following this advice we had a little glas of bubbles and headed home.

– MM.

Btw: Thanks for all the thoughts and good wishes! I loved and appreciated every single one fo them.

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