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So may is here and with it came the wonderful weather. That was for us the sign to finally get our asses from the couch (quoting my boyfriend: “but it is sooo comfortable and nice here on the couch under the blanket!”). We rented bikes from Stadtrad (find the website here) which is just a genious way to get around Hamburg. You have to register once and pay a small fee. Then you can rent two bikes at a time from any of the stations they have all over the city and ride the first 30 minutes for free.


The coolest thing about them is, that you can lock them up at any station that you are passing to stay within the 30 minutes and then just borrow the same bikes again and you can go for another free 30 minutes. This system is just genious!

may oh may hamburg

fountains planten bloomen hamburg

blogger hamburg

Since it was the first of may there where of course many demonstrations going on. We did not see them but heard them in the distance. And of course we saw many of these: hamburg police

This was a line of 18 cars (!) stopping next to us at a traffic light. Reminded me little bit of this video. 

We continued walking all the way down to St. Pauli and had cake and coffee in my all-time favourite Café May (where else could you go on the first of may? 😉 ).

Café May Hamburg St Pauli blogger

I had a slice of Rubli-Kuchen (carrot cake) and my boyfriend treated himself with a very good piece of apple and sour cream cake.

So, what did you guys do to enjoy the weather? I would really want to know! Look, down there is a comment box and you don’t even have to register to leave a line there!

– MM.

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