Living the tourist life – Part III

Oh my dear people. How miserable my life is. Now that my brother is not here anymore I fell back into the boring everyday habits like reading for my BA paper, watching series, going to the supermarket – well you know how life works.

But of course I don’t want to keep the last of our three glorious days from you. So here it comes:  Part III of experiencing Berlin from the tourist point of view.

Smart people that we are, we left the most interesting thing for the friday morning – so we would have something to do: A visit of the Reichstag building. Of course this had nothing to with the fact, that we forgot to reserve a spot in advance and had to wait in line the day before for 1 hour and 45 minutes to get a reservation for that morning.
No seriously – in case you want to visit the place: Make a reservation. The visit is free but you spare yourself horrible waiting time…

Berlin reichstag building

The building is very impressive and the closer you get, the more details you discover. You will also see more and more security. But compared to what I experienced in Israel this was almost nothing.

After a little more waiting time we got to go up on the dome roof.

berlin reichstag blick auf brandenburger tor

We had the most amazing view over Berlin. The Brandeburger Tor suddenly didn’t seem that huge anymore. On the other hand I started to realize what it meant to divide a whole city, a city like Berlin, with a border into two parts. One could say I had the “I am just a small little somebody in the big city”-feeling, mixed with a hint of “this is a great city and I want to make it here”.
A little bit like what songs say about New York, huh?


berlin reichstag audio guideWe got fancy audio guides and wow, they were really fancy. Controlled by some ground sills (I guess) a friendly voice told you very interesting facts about the Reichstags building, the surrounding sights and of course Berlin in general – according to the view you have from the point you’re at.

berlin reichstag flagge german flag

We took what feels like 10000 quintillions pictures (mostly of the flag of course) and then had a look at the little historical picture exibition shown on the ground floor of the dome.

Not wanting to miss the friday chance, we continued our round to the turkish market at the maybach ufer (maybach riverside) in Kreuzberg. We were greeted by an enormous amount of people and colors like from a new HD animation movie:

berlin türkischer markt turkish market


berlin türkischer markt turkish market brot bread


berlin türkischer markt turkish market 3

berlin türkischer markt turkish market 2

Not only the pictures were great but also the prices were insane. Although we were told that not all of the foods that are to be found there have the best quality, five avocados for 2 euro is not something I would hesitate to pay. So we got a nice little stock of try-outs and headed on.

The East Side Gallery was the next stop. And I got to do what I love to do:

east side gallery foto photo

Taking pictures of random hipsters (they asked me)! And in case you are wondering: no bad hair day that day. Just VERY hot!
Talking about hot: A hot topic is right now (again) Israel. Since I don’t intend to post any political opinion on this blog (if you are interested in my opinon feel free to write me) I want to share at least this with you:

east side gallery flagge flag

east side gallery flagge flag explanation erklärungThe most popular pictures of the East Side Gallery I knew already from movies and pictures. What I really liked were all the little street art pieces that are spread on some parts of the wall. Here one that I truly believe in:

east side gallery graffiti peace

If you disagree I have to tell you right now, that I don’t think we can become friends. But yes, you can of course continue reading my blog. Just sayin’.

Since the sun was blazing down like crazy we sat down at the spree to nab a little breeze.

east side gallery spree

Returning home we all had a little touch of color in our faces (and outlines of our shirts on the body). Rest was needed.

For our dinner plans my brother decided he wanted to try indian food. Since he was our guest his wish was my command. We strolled through Friedrichshain and settled down in Amber.

berlin friedrichshain indian restaurant indisch amber

I can not recall ever really trying indian food in a restaurant – except for a supposingly indian curry here and there. Amber is located in the Simon-Dach-Straße in between a thousand of other bars, restaurants and cafés. It was the first time but people I can promise you it won’t be the last.

Above you can see our little predish – and what followed was an almost random ordering of dishes with names we never heard of. But all of them were simply great.

berlin friedrichshain indian restaurant indisch amber 4


berlin friedrichshain indian restaurant indisch amber 3


berlin friedrichshain indian restaurant indisch amber 2


berlin friedrichshain indian restaurant indisch amber 5I can not tell what I liked best but the homemade cream cheese in tomatoe sauce kicked ass. Even the bread itself is noteworthy. So if you are ever in need of a decent indian restaurant – give Amber a try.

We wined and dined like kings and queens. Stuffed to the brim we headed home for a last movie and a last little beer. But of course not without a grand goodbye-sky sponsored ala capital.

view alex sundown

What a perfect trip – and what a perfect visit! Thank you little brother for doing us the compliment of your visit! I will happily host you again.

– MM.

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