Last day in Prahadise

As you probably expected there was another – last – day in Prague. Since I do have some things to show you, I will not keep this from you any longer. (And yes, I know it has been already way to long!)

We started with what every good day should start with: A good breakfast.

We went to ‘Pastacaffé Lamborghini‘ – supposingly a original italian café (who would have thought seeing this name?). You can find the place in Vězeňská 141/1, just a few minutes walk from the old town square.

Breakfast Prague Pastacaffé (6)

Breakfast Prague Pastacaffé (4)

My boyfriend went for the croissant and scrambled egg, which – despite looking quite raw – was very good. While he had fresh orange juice with it, I went for the fancy ‘Detox-Shake’:

Breakfast Prague Pastacaffé (2)

Orange, apple, carrot and – yes again – ginger. Of course I had to have something satisfying and at the same time healthy. So I got the Wellness-breakfast (my boyfriend would say I eat healthy stuff because I like to punish myself – but really, it was good!):

Breakfast Prague Pastacaffé (7)

Whole wheat toast with honey and butter…

Breakfast Prague Pastacaffé (5)

… accompanying a nice bowl of porridge with nuts, apple and raisins and a blood orange. The later one was good – but quite a challenge (if not to say impossible) to eat.

Breakfast Prague Pastacaffé (8)

We completed breakfast with a very (!) good cup-ohhh-cino (I would go back just for this coffee) and went off to discover the Jewish Quater of Prague.

Kafka Statue Prague

Outside of the café a statue was reminding us again that we were visiting the city of Kafka. He was – in case you did not know – also Jewish.

The Jewish Quarter in Prague is indeed worth a visit. Even if you only have time to take a little walk, the buildings will make even this worth your while.

Jewish Quarter Prague (2)

Jewish Quarter Prague (3)

On our way the first synagogue beautiful old buildings, perfectly restored coupled with a bright winter sun. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside the synagogues but as you know me, I did sneak a few anyways.

Spanish Synagogue Prague

The Spanish Synagogue was with no doubt the most impressive one. Not only from the outside!

Spanish Synagogue Prague (3)

From the inside it reminded me immediately of the shape and style of a mosque – another sign of how close we actually all are, no matter the religion.

Spanish Synagogue Prague (1)

Spanish Synagogue Prague (2)

If this building is not beautiful then I don’t know how else you can be impressed. Of course – it might be a little (just a little bit) overloaded with gold and patterns and decorations – but still SO beautiful.

After the overload of synagogues we went for a round in the sun and visited the Jewish cemetery. Unlike the graves that I know from the Christian culture that stay for about 20 or so years until they are resolved, Jewish graves are supposed to last forever. This means that we were walking between grave stones, that were multiple hundreds of years old.

Jewish Cemetery Prague (2)

Jewish Cemetery Prague (1)

Of course I was trying to read the writing on the stones but my hebrew skills made me fail without exception.

Jewish Cemetery Prague (3)

I was impressed nevertheless. Experiencing so much history in such a short time was a beautiful finish to our trip. On the way to the bus station the old town square said goodbye to us with some last rays of sun.

old town square prague sun

Thank you Prahadise – we had a blast!

– MM.

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