Just a Quicky!

Some food porn for your lunch break (or while you are having your dinner – I don’t discriminate) and something that can go in the category of recipes I guess. 


We are busy people but for a good lunch we are dropping every pen and every paper. Especially when its a good, thick shakshuka with a nice splash of tehina at the side.

Wouldn’t you want some?

salad salat gefüllte pilze stuffed mushrooms 1

salad salat gefüllte pilze stuffed mushrooms 2

Here we have one of my favourite combinations. Since my boyfriend and me decided to eat a little more ‘consciously’ salad is replacing a big part of our carbs now. Of course, completely without is not an option for us, but he found a little magic maker when we went to the supermarket a few days ago:

rapsöl mit gewürzen

This, ladies and gents, are the best oil combinations I have ever tried. Although each of the bottles only contains 100ml they are so worth buying.

The bottle contain rapeseed oil (like canola oil) together with (from left to right): thyme & lemon, garlic, chili and basil.

And whoaaaa – what a flavour!

The salad you see above is marinated with the garlic oil and some curd – plus salt and pepper. Not only did the bowl smell like a freshly squeezed garlic clove, but also the flavour was incredible.

salad salat gnocchi feta 1

And because it was so nice here is another option. This time with gnocchi (yes I know, not really carb free at all) with some feta cheese. The salad this time was marinated with the chili oil. Quite spicy if you ask me – for an oil I mean…

     – MM.

salad salat gnocchi feta 2

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