Jerusalem – back again

Flooded. That is the word. The SD card of my camera, my brain, my eyes – everything flooded with impressions.

We landed in Israel in the night to Monday and only got to bed around 3. Correlatively short was the night and the following day, so we took a little stroll at the market (yes, the one that blew up multiple times).

Some impressions…

Markt Jerusalem

Halva Markt Jerusalem

Teeberg auf Markt in Jerusalem

Tee auf dem Markt in Jerusalem

Farbiges Nougat Jerusalem

Baklava Markt Jerusalem

And this is only the tip of the  ice berg. Indeed we got cherries, finally again good hummus and good pita (plural: pitot) and *drum roll*  baklava.

Yes, and I was dying from sugar – cherries, then baklava – but of course also from the feeling of being back here.

Surprisingly it did not feel like going abroad but more like coming back to a second home. I know the flavours, I know the atmosphere, I know some people and a little bit of the language as well. It feels good.

The evening was – I have to admit – a little bit of a flash of culture again. I have attended (and hosted) holiday dinners and learned a lot about the jewish religion and traditions. But this evening was not only a religious tradition but also 99% in Hebrew.


The wonderful future bride Tamar (here in the middle) invited us to her mom’s place. A female rabbi came (and brought with her the dicussion into the room, if a female rabbi has to be married to a male rabbi….) and led us through the whole procedure.

After washing the hands (both hands three times), Tamar had to strain the flour through a sieve and everyone, who wanted to also get luck for something, could help her do so.

A lot of sieving…

Tamar beim Mehlsieben

Teig kneten für Challa

The whole procedure was accompanied by explanations (in hebrew) what a marriage is all about, what a good wife has to do (make challah, light candles and go to the mikveh – the ritual bath), some singing and a lot of clapping and cheering.

And – of course – food.

A lot of good food.

vegetarian fingerfood


Miniquiche Süßkartoffel

Those little mini quiches – heaven!! They came with mushrooms and with – my favourite – sweet potatoe.

GOD I so have to try to make them myself. They were simply wonderful.

And so was the singing and the whole evening. I didn’t understand much of what the rabbi was telling but the atmosphere and the food and the smiling faces around me made up for it!

     – MM.

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