I was challenged by luck – and won.

Something happened last week, that I completely forgot to share with all of you. Why? because I am a lazy blogger and because I am working too much. I wish I could have this only as my work – but that is a different issue I guess…

Well, About 6 weeks ago I took part for the 287412049th time (roughly estimated) in one of the beauty box lotteries that some German drugstores are organizing once in while. I am usually not a winner – I always take part and never win. But this time I did. And lord was I freaking out.

For days I was fantasizing what could be in the box and how it would revolutionize my daily not-routine and what stuff I would not have to buy. And partly that actually happened.

Schön für mich beauty box 2

But first things first. The Rossmann Schön für mich Box, short also sfmb, costed 5 Euro and came like you see it here on the picture ^. I was flashed by so much pink and purple- but I guess the designers usually don’t think about people taking part in this kind of lottery, that are not female (and not princesses). Still – I liked that the box was quite stable. I didn’t like (and here comes my green alter ego) that it came with another box on the inside… But lets just enjoy the design for now.

Schön für mich beauty box 1

And this is what was in there. I don’t know why, but for some reason I expected more. Not more in value but more in little small stupid things that are filling up the box… Still – a nice package!

Schön für mich beauty box 3

I am someone that goes all bananas about something new and then acts as if nothing is a big deal and everything is only half as good as I acctually think it is. So if I say “the box was nice” you can imagine me running around all day waiting to finally open it.

Schön für mich beauty box 4

So from left to right a few of my impressions:

bebe more beautiful eye cream: A nice little tube with a somewhat cooling cream in it. Or maybe my face is just always hot after the shower… Yes I think that is it. If the cream does anything – no idea, but I am using it for a few days now and I do believe that the area around my eyes looks a bit more relaxed and awake. Not a bad thing but not sure if I would spend money on it.

Daniela Katzenberger Glitter Cat perfume: I am not gonna loose a word on this one. Its sweet, heavy and the design is… well, somewhat not on my line of taste. I’ll give it away to the first person interested.

OLAZ Regenerist Luminous face lotion: Smells and feels nice and woha – I only needed a tiny drop of it to spread it over all of my face. I will test this more intensly – that is for sure. Good planning, since I was on the lookout for a new face treatment anyways (as you know from here) and my usual face lotion just finished today.

8×4 Modern Charme deodorant; The smell is nice – maybe a bit intense. What I don’t like – and also don’t like about any other spray deodorants – is how badly it affects my breathing. I can hardly stay in the room after using deodorant and if I do my throat hurts and I am caughing quite badly. The effect also is only medium – the deodorant from ALDI that I am currently using is doing a better job.

Nivea Color Protection Shampoo: It says something about shampoo for hair in need of treatment with color protection included. I don’t dye my hair anyways and I am very picky about what I let on my hair. This shampoo just simply is not for me, but I will happily hand it over to my sister to test it. Caro – be prepared!

ISANA Oil Care Haaröl: Basically says everything already. Its hair oil. One that smells damn good and is very nice to use. I was not a big fan of oil treatment for the hair because my thin, airy hair is always left greasy and heavily hanging after. This oil really opened my eyes – I am positivly surprised and already integrated this product in my hair routine.

Max Factor Masterpiece Transform High Impact Volumising Mascara: Typing this long name makes me feel a little bit ridiculous. I was very much hoping the box would include a good mascara but this one really kicks me off my feet. The lashes bcome so incredibly long, that I am almost afraid I would have to hang a warning sing from them so people won’t run into them. Nice – but too much for me. I’ll keep it for some party though.

For your Beauty Smokey Eyes Brush: My secret favourite. I hardly use my make up brushes (yes, that is how it is) but I always admire the make up artists that use a different brush for every turn of their hand. I wanna be one of them – one day. At least on my own face. So this little soft brush might be the start.

All in all I would say a nice box for the start but a little more decoration like a nailpolish or some lip stuff would have been nice. Well – I can’t have everything all at once so I’ll keep on using one part of the box and try to get rid of the other part. Wish me luck that I will not miss the November Box as well (as happened already for October).

– MM.

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