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It is hot in Berlin. Very hot. It is so hot, that… I can not even find a comparison to describe it. Best way to explain it might probably be to tell you, that every moment you are awake you want to take a cold shower and stay in that cold shower. And that is when there is a breeze going and you are not moving.

So what did I do today – on the most likely hottest Sunday (SUNday) of the year? Of course I went to eat.

And what could be best to eat when it is hot? Yes, hummus!

Hummus is the best food when its hot, when its raining, when it is cold, when it is windy and when there is no weather at all. Even in outer space. And thanks to the Israeli connection I can now add a place for the best hummus in Berlin to your bucket list: Hummus & Friends!

Hummus and Friends Berlin

And WHAT a hummus! I have tried a lot of different hummus’ (Hummuses? Hummusias?) by now and I do have my preferences in flavour, texture, temperature and looks. But this hummus surprised me very positively! We ordered the version with tehina and some chickpeas, since I am not the biggest fan of beans or other crazy things in my hummus. The splash of tehina in the center could have been a little bit more (also simply because it was a very good tehina) but the onions and the chickpeas made up for it. The flavour was considerably mild – and usually I prefer my hummus strongly spiced – but the combination of the whole plate was a dream!

hummus and friends tehina

Big plus: Since it is an Israeli run place the hummus is served with green Skhug (spelled S-chug’ in German, with ‘ch’ like in ‘Drachen’) – a spicy sauce originally from the Yemeni cuisine – and pickles. And also – and this is already a reason for me to go back to Hummus & Friends: with the best pita I had since we moved to Berlin!

Pita pitot in Hummus & Friends in Berlin

Sure, everybody knows that the combination of hummus and bread is the combination forming the block of cement in your stomach later – but this pita is worth every stomach ache in the world. It send me right back to Israel, standing in front of the counter of the little pita bakery across the street from our house, ordering a pack of five of the pitot straight from the oven.

Pita Berlin Hummus and Friends

Soft, warm from the oven, the corners just a little bit cruchy and so easy to open, like it is its fate to be stuffed with hummus and falafel and lots of salad. A dream of a pita! Make sure to order one or two additional ones before you regret it!

We finished off the meal with a perfect cappuccino (the ones who follow me on instagram will have an idea how much I dig good coffee).

Cappuccino Hummus and Friends Berlin

Color combination have never been more ‘meant to be’ – and look at those hearts and the delicate leaf…

What was absolutely needed during that incredibly hot day was sitting outside in the shadow. Which Hummus & Friends might be the perfect spot for.

Hummus and Friends backyard

In the backyard of the place you can sit in a shady and beautifully green setting and watch people struggling with keeping the hummus plus beans / onion / pickles / egg on their piece of pita.

Hummus & Friends Berlin backyard outside

But also on the inside the place is beautifully designed. My boyfriend nailed it by pointing out that it is almost the exact opposite of a Hummusia (a place that serves only or mostly hummus) in Israel.

Hummus and Friends 4

Hummus and Friends 3

Hummus and Friends 2

You can even watch the staff preparing your plate of fresh hummus right in front of your eyes.

Hummus & Friends Berlin

hummus and friends pickles

Hummus & Friends is not only a restaurant – but it also turns in to a bar in the later evening.

Hummus and Friends bar We were there around lunch time and although the place did not officially open yet, it was buzzing and lively atmosphere.

Official opening date is going to be the 30th of July but if you are in Berlin and ask nicely, the staff will most likely be happy to let you try their hummus or some of the tapas or salads. Opening hours are 8 in the morning until at least 12 o’clock at night – so you will have plenty of chances to try out everything the beautiful bar has to offer.

Find Hummus & Friends here:


– MM.

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