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There are days, that are different than others. There are days, that you can not just start like any other normal day. There are days, on which you need a thick, fluffy pancake to smile back at you in the morning.

pancake smiley

I am lucky: My boyfriend makes the BEST pancakes in the world. Today he mushed an old, brown banana in there and tada – super delicious banana pancakes we could start our day with!


After talking about the food first I can now unpack the actual beauty post, that I intended to have here. Why I am hiding it between pictures of food? Because my boyfriend claimed that I am getting girly.

<diva> Excuse me? What does HE know?! </diva>

budni shopping blogger

I had a Budni-day today. For all the ones not living in the Budni-territories: Budni is short for Budniskowsky, which is a drugstore like Rossmann, dm and so on. So a Budni-day for me usually starts with a reason to go into the shop. today that was dish washing soap. We unfortunately don’t have a dishwasher so we are trying to make the best out of the washing-by-hand-experience. Helping a lot is the dish washing soap from Ecover. It’s a soap based purely on vegetables and minerals. Meaning: Less pollution of the environment, less trouble for your skin. You can find the Ecover products in drugstores, organic shops and some supermarkets. Or you click here and order online.

So a very good reason for me to get into Budni and once I was in there things started to drop into my hands…

garnier thermo mask

Nothing says more “I care about my skin” then a mask once in a while. Although my skin doesn’t say thank you all that convincingly, I still like the immediate effect. My sister introduced me to this thermo-mask by Garnier a few years back. It makes you look like a smurf for three minutes but you can feel it working your skin. Afterwards the cold water feels like heaven in your face – pretty much like a mini-sauna for the face. Just you’re turning blue instead of red.

burt's bees lip balm

For the part not covered by the mask I got some lip balm. Oh, excuse me, of course not just “some” lip balm but Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm. The story of the company is just as fascinating as their products. Check it out if you have the time – click here. The lip balm comes with various ingredients, that – for my taste – all where smelling a little too sweet and intensely. So I “just” got the plain honey option.

Mostly based on bee wax, sunflower seed oil, it is again a “all natural” product.

Compared to other lip balms it is quite expensive but it is worth the money. The balm spreads easily on the lips but doesn’t smudge all over the place. You really have the feeling of covering your lips in a thin wax and honey layer.

catrice eyeliner

I am not talented when it comes to make-up. And honestly: I didn’t care too much about it for a very long time. That is why I usually did not pick make-up according to quality (cause I am lacking any knowledge here), but to price or appearance.

And so far nothing has changed about the knowledge. Only I decided to not pick the cheapest product I can get anymore, but aim more for the middle price range.

Up to now I used a liquid eyeliner by Alterra. Either I am not talented (very likely) or the little brush is just not good to get a nice “eye-line”. So I decided to try an eyeliner pen and got this one by Catrice. I know that my sister is crazy about their nail polish but I have no idea how good the eyeliner is. I’d be happy if anyone has experice with it, please leave me a comment.

aok face toner

Now to stuff that I partly alread know. As you can see on the picture I am using the toner by Aok (no, not the insurrance but the face stuff). And I really like it. It is taking of make up just as good as it refreshes and cleans your face after washing it. According to Aok it is the ginseng extract doing the magic. I don’t care what it is, but it feels like it is working.

About the face lotion I again don’t know anything. I used a simple face lotion by NIVEA up to now but had the feeling that my face is always covered with a thin layer of oil. So I hope that this lotion is lighter and will be able to deal with my quite complicated skin.

Any tips or experience resports will be appreciated!

maßmer tea persischer bazar

This blog is called T’n’Muffins for a reason. Here is one!

I am addicted to tea. Don’t get me wrong, I also drink water and coffee and juice and so on but tea has and will always have my heart.

Although I prefer to buy it loose and smell it before I buy, there are some brands, that make me buy tea bags as well. Meßmer is one of them. I really like their aroma combinations and today the mix of prickly pear and cinnamon caught my eye.

Honestly? I am dissappointed! Now after having a nice cup of it the flavor did not deliver what the scent promised in first place. The tea smells and tastes like normal fruit tea with a hint of cinnamon and “something else” that is undefineable. Too bad, really!

And just as a side note: I have not idea why you would call a tea persian bazar. Its even a little problematic if you ask me – but that is a different topic.

vegan ice cream hamburg

Last but not least we got ice cream. I guess it was to cool down my mood after running hot over the fact that I was allowed to buy tea.

If you should ever come to Hamburg do me one favor: Go and have a scoop of mousse au chocolat ice cream at Die Eisbande. Don’t ask, just do it. Yes it is soya ice cream but man, get over yourself, that is nothing special anymore! The flavor on the other hand IS special. So, promise! Now! Here! In the comments for example!

– MM.


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