Eating in Prague – Clear Head

No, I am not quite done yet with telling you about Prague. I know it has been a while already but this is a little gem, that I simply HAVE to share with you! 

After our visit of the castle we were not only hungry, but starving. The quick online research I made before our trip, led us to Lehka Hlava (which means ‘clear head’), a little vegetarian / vegan restaurant in the city center.

Lehka Hlava Prague

It took us a little searching to find it but it was worth it. The place looks beautiful from the inside. Everything is decorated with love. We even had an aquarium in the room.

Lehka Hlava Prague 4

… leave alone the fancy tables with glowing marbles or the lamp in the shape of a mushroom (with blue glowing tip). Although in that situation every shady, greasy shack would have done the job (I was seriously starving) I can honestly say this place was heaven for me.

Lehka Hlava Prague 3

It looked a little different for my boyfriend though. Being hungry in Prague and then having the girlfriend dragging him out of all things into a vegetarian restaurant didn’t exactly make him smile.

Lehka Hlava Prague 2

He asked me specifically to caption this picture “me being dragged into a vegetarian restaurant”. So here you go.

Of course he was actually okay with the choice and when the food started arriving he became more and more so. We kicked off with a huge (!) plate of guacamole and tortilla chips.

Lehka Hlava Prague Food

Here you can not only marvel at the marbles (hehe) but also at the juice both of us ordered. I can not recall what exactly was in there but I remember it being a mix of carrot, orange and ginger. And damn girl, that was a fantastic juice!

Lehka Hlava Prague Drink

A close up for the beauty. Just the right amount of stingy with the ginger and not too carrot. Also the main dish was right to the point. We ordered some dish for two (I believe it was called ‘clear head-plate’ or something like that). It included something of everything and apparently that meant the best of everything.

Lehka Hlava Prague Food 3

Lehka Hlava Prague Food 2

Good lord. We had pancakes with cheese and cream cheese, vegetarian gyros, potato gratin, salsa, a huge skewer with tofu and grilled vegetables and I do not know what else. It was a feast that was without equal.

If you happen to look for a nice place to have vegetarian lunch or dinner in Prague I can not recommend Lehka Hlava enough. You can find it just right here:

– MM.

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