Boxi Market

Do you want to know where I bought the best pineapple of all times? The sweetest and juciest and longest lasting yellow piece of heaven? Well, then you should read this post! A sunny saturday morning, and our fridge was empty. As it always is. Lucky for us there is a market in our Kiez (this is a word you should know if you plan to come to Germany) and it even has quite a good reputation: The market on Boxhagener Platz. But lets start the way that we started into the market – with flowers.   markt boxhagener platz blumen   markt boxhagener platz blumen 3 A huge ocean of smell and incredible colors. Heavy blossoms of gerbera and sunflowers bending from their own weight towards the passer-by. Heavy smell of lavender and roses filling the air. And again, because it looks so nice: markt boxhagener platz blumen 2 I was very much tempted to just buy all of them. Lucky for the flowers we don’t even have a proper vase at home – so I didn’t get the chance to water any of them to death (I am considerably bad with flowers). We strolled in the shadow of the trees, looking at the fresh and colorful offerings of the stands. Früchte auf dem Markt Boxhagener Platz     Gewürze auf dem Boxi Markt     markt boxhagener platz farben colors Yes, there was indeed a lot to look at and almost everything looked fresh, delicious and colorful. markt boxhagener platz bio tüte “Don’t eat everything on the go, please” – what a hard rule to follow… After being about half the way around the square we finally gave in the urge to buy something and bought a little lavender plant for our balcony. Gewürzpflanzen auf dem Boxi Markt   Up to now we don’t regret that at all. The plant looks great on the balcony and the smell is fantastic. Plus we got the ultimate advice on when to water the plant, so even my brown thumb has no chance on this one. After the lavender there was (almost) no holding back anymore. We searched and found: one nice mango, two different bread spreads, soft pide breads and – last but not least – the pinapple. And I am talking about THE pineapple ladies and gentlemen. Just LOOK at it: Ananas Pineapple So juicy and fresh and sweet. Many times I buy pineapples that turn out to be sour and hard but this one was the perfect example of a pineapple – like from the book. And the best part *drum roll* … we payed a single Euro for it. 1. One. Uno. Un. Eins. This alone is worth coming back to that market. And I still have the mango waiting in the fruit bowl – I will keep you posted of course. – MM.

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