Beauty Wishlist – August

It is getting cold(er) in Berlin now. Which I love. Fall is my favourite time of the year anyways and if the weather is cold and wet outside, I have one more reason to stay on the inside and work on my BA. Bad only, that even when the sun is shining I have to stay inside. But I will leave the talk about why I love the fall for another post (warm dresses, scarfs, jackets, coats, tea, brown & redish colours…) and turn to myself. To be more specific: to my face. When it comes to beauty I not only have no idea what I am talking about – also I have no clue what I am doing. I do not have a daily routine to take care of my skin whatsoever. To be honest: I think I am the worst owner my skin could have.

Up to now

I of course have a few products that I use: 3in1 mask / peeling / wash creme by garnier – link here, a tonic by alverde  with medical clay – link here and Aok face cream – link here.  Now I have a few problems:

  1. my skin is always oily and I have many spots and blackheads around my chin. So far I didn’t find anything that helps against them for real.
  2. Except for the tonic none of the products convinced me on any level – and the tonic I just started using, so I can only tell you that it smells great.
  3. I did some reading and realized, that I would prefer to have a facial care that also gives me protection against UV radiation. The cream by Aok does not have this unfortunately.

These reasons show, why so far I did not find a propper routine for my skin. I need to change that. And this is why I made a little collection of products, that I would like to try.


To start propperly I am looking for a product that can handle my complicated skind. I don’t like cleaning products that dry out the skin but on the other hand I love to feel that a product does something, that actually something is happening with the skin. Since I heard a lot of good stuff about them, I picked the Effaclair Purifying Foaming Gel by La Roche-Prosay (click). La Roche-Posay Effaclar Although I heard a lot of good things about them, I decided to look for alternatives. I did find many critical reviews as well which made me wonder, if all the good ones are really credible. La Roche-Posay belongs to L’Oréal and L’Oréal is making tons of money. So as alternative I picked the sebo végétal serie by Yves-Rocher (click here). Yves Rocher Sebo vegetal serieThe prices for these products are a completely different categorie (and even more reduced at the moment!) but the real reason why I would love to try these product is, because I am a HUGE fan of natural cosmetics. Why? Because I believe chemicals are not necessary to keep us pretty and our skin healthy – everything is already there in nature. I have never tried Yves-Rocher before so they have good chances to convince me. Since I heard the peeling is not supposed to be that good, I would try the Purifying Cleansing Gel (click). Since the tube doesn’t look that small, I think the price is more than justified – if the product has an effect of course.

Skin Care

Now to the most interesting part. Assuming all the makeup is gone, I took all the dirt and sweat off and my skin is clean. How to proceed? To take good care of my skin I searched through blogs, forums and websites. Every product has its good and bad sides and therefore people sharing good and bad experiences alike. I personally would like to test these: facial care collage

  1. My first choice is correlating with an earlier pick: Effaclar K by La Roche-Posay. I would like not to mix too many different products. Effaclar K is supposed to give the skin the needed moisture and still fight the blocked pores. Clean small pores – a big dream of mine. – click
  2. On the left you can see the hydra végétal moisturizing cream by Yves Rocher. It would of course make sense to pick the facial care from the same line like the washing product but as I mentioned earlier, I don’t like the ‘drying out’ effect of most of the products. AND I found a big plus in this one: Different to the sebo végétal this line offers the face lotion with SPF 25 – exactly what I was looking for. Problem: every moisturizing cream I tried made my skin oily again. Maybe this one is different… – click 
  3. About the products from Biotherm I only heard good things. A real deal here is unfortunately the price. I am curious about trying two different products of theirs: The Biotherm Skin Best Day Cream not only contains ingredients from two different algaes (algaes are a well known in the beauty industrie for their various positive effects on the skin, hair etc.) but it also comes with SPF 15. (Also: Our bathroom is mostly green and black so the jar would fit exactly.) – click Option two – that might be a little bit more fitting with my skin type – is the Biotherm Pure.Fect Skin Soin Hydra Gel. It is a moisturizing face care that supposingly comes with a matting effect. Sounds perfect to me! – click
  4. Last but not least: Cleanance Sonne by Avène. This one is for the days, that I know I will be outside a lot and my skin needs some additional care. Also it can work as an addition, in case my daily face cream does not have any SPF. – click


Up to now I never used any products for the night. But, we are getting older – and its becoming visible. I might jump out of bed full of energy, my face does usually not look like that. This is why I would like to try the Over Night Detox Oil by Claudalie. Claudalie Nachtserum Detox oil A over night serum, that fights blackheads and clears your teint that is 100% natural origin – this almost made my eyes teary. One of my favourite bloggers – Lina Mallon – tested the Claudalie series not long ago and seemes very pleased with it. In case you are curious, the link to the post is here.

And now?

Well, this is it. My day in the vasteness of beauty pages online is about to end. Now it is time to start saving some money and deciding which produkt I want to try first. Too bad there is no way to try them all. Right now. Here. Argh.

– MM.


NOTE: I want to emphasize, that a really problematic skin is best taken care of by a professional! If you have troubles or are looking for the right facial treatment, it is best to consult a dermatologist (skin doctor ) or a cosmetician. 

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